Deciding whether and when to sell is one of the biggest decisions an owner/principal will ever face.

Our Clients have invested years of hard work building their firm. Yet the passion and skill that were so useful in building a successful business may not be as valuable in the process of selling it.

Our approach to transaction management begins with an analysis of the firm, a determination of its likely value and a blueprint of the target market. In the sell-side advisory role, we achieve maximum value for our clients through our ability to identify and communicate the underlying value drivers in the firm, our awareness of the operating strategies of each potential buyer, our assertive control of the transaction process, and our hands-on management of due diligence. If the firm is not ideally positioned to garner maximum value, we’ll recommend steps an owner can take before going to market that can lead to a higher value in an eventual sale.

We also recognize that, while price is an important consideration, the seller’s objectives are rarely limited to price alone. Every owner has personal and professional goals that can’t be measured in dollars, and each serves a client base of individuals, whose interests matter.

How We Can Help

At The Riviera Group, we measure success not by the dollar-value of a transaction, but by how well we meet–and how far we exceed–all of the seller’s objectives. We strive to bring our clients the best overall value in services by:

  • Conducting our activities with the highest level of integrity & professional conduct
  • Diligently working each engagement to maximize the options available to our clients
  • Investing regularly in the further development of our network of strategic & financial buyers
  • Staying current with leading-edge transaction, analytical & research capabilities
  • Ensuring our fees are reasonable & based on a results-oriented philosophy

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