Delivering concentrated, value-added advisory services.

The most successful transactions are built by the competent coordination of knowledgeable resources in decisive timeframes all while maximizing value and minimizing risk.

The Riviera Group  Can Complete It All


The Riviera Group will assist your firm in the analysis and execution of your sale, merger, divestiture, or growth strategies.

We prepare the offering memorandum or executive summary.

Establish market strategy and research.

Identify, evaluate, and contact targets, buyers, or merger partners.

Perform financial and operational due diligence.

Conduct service platform due diligence.

Structure and negotiate terms and conditions of the transaction.

Maintain deal momentum through to closure.

As the investment advisory industry continues to evolve, the need to make knowledgeable decisions become increasingly more crucial.

Leveraging a firm that understands the complexities associated with valuing and growing a firm provides insights
that allow you to do what you do best, run your firm effectively and efficiently.


The Riviera Group’s Transaction Advisory Services team works with strategic and financial buyers, sellers, and lenders across the full gamut of investment advisor merger and acquisition engagements. Comprised of interdisciplinary professionals, our transaction advisory service is committed to delivering the highest levels of receptivity, and achieve regular, continuous dialogues throughout every stage of the transaction cycle.

No two firms are exactly alike, and so no single due diligence strategy will satisfy every buyer, seller or lender. Conveying focused, value added consulting services begins with listening and understanding the needs of each client and tailoring the breadth of our work to their specific needs. We concentrate on our client’s strategic objectives, negotiation, and savings opportunities and calibrate our services directly to their needs.