Supporting Growth Through Technology

One key area to easily obtain the bandwidth for growth is through technology. Technology, and more importantly technology integrations, allow both client service and sales staff to operate more efficiently, and thereby allow you more bandwidth to grow with your current sales and client service structure.

Technology can and should be the backbone for providing an unparalleled client service experience, enabling you to deliver relevant data both to your clients and to management.


The most recent PWC report summarizes it this way, “Firms that do not acknowledge this [offering digital functionality to their clients] are putting their business at risk.”

If you haven’t read the report, you can read it here: Sink or swim: Why wealth management can’t afford to miss the digital wave

Advisers Wasting Time

All of the technology available to Investment Advisors, from integrated CRMs with their portfolio accounting platforms, to client portals, to financial planning software, to cloud-based document management, is indispensable in creating and maintaining client relationships and maximizing your productivity. Most advisors aren’t utilizing their technology to its fullest.

See: Advisers wasting time and money by underutilizing tech

For the long term success of your firm, its unrealistic to think you can accomplish it without investing in the rewards of technology in this digital age.

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