Comprehensive Consulting Services

Growing your firm doesn’t have to be complicated. From helping you define your value proposition, to identifying your ideal client, the Riviera Group can get you focused on what differentiates you from your competitors and the rest of the industry.

Once we have your ideal client identified and your value proposition, we design a comprehensive Marketing Plan. Once the Marketing Plan begins to gain traction, bringing with it ideal client prospects, we then look to the inner workings of your firm to assess and develop the support structure to accommodate your new growth. From the technology you’re using (i.e. CRM, Portfolio Accounting platform, document storage, etc.), to onboarding new client workflows, to how you’re servicing your new and existing clients, and finally developing Key Performance Indicators and reports to keep you focused on and in control of your growth.

Regardless of your size, we integrate with your team in each department and division to comprehensively structure you for success.